A Pessimist Can Also Be An Optimist

PO“A pessimist is a pessimist, and an optimist is an optimist! They’re not the same!” is maybe what you’re trying to say. Well, I can’t object you. You’re not wrong, because they are indeed not the same. But, I’ve NEVER said that they are the same.I said that they CAN be the same, The reason why I said that, was because of my personal experience. I’m a PESSIMIST. I admit it with no regret. So, does being a pessimist make me an optimist? It’s probably not. But, I’ll tell you this. The reason why I became a pessimist in the first place, was because before, I was an optimistic person.

Hoping so much; wishing for something that probably will never come true; and seeing everything that happens as a good thing, is what I used to do as an optimist. They’re also probably the characteristics of other optimistic people. Those are not the characteristic of a pessimist. But, do you know? “Keep moving forward” is one of many phrases that optimists say. It literally means that an optimist does not look back on the past. Well, that’s one of a pessimist’s characteristics. Well, may it’s not what all pessimist will say, but some pessimists don’t really care of what happens to them. They consider bad thing that happens to them as an usual events. It doesn’t bother them and they don’t hold any grudge or regret about it. For me, that’s what I believe.

More precisely, I said a pessimist could be an optimist because some pessimists become pessimistic because they don’t want to regret anything, or rather, they want to avoid having a false hope. A pessimist is usually someone who easily gets depressed. So, in order not to get depressed over something that unexpectedly happen, they don’t hope too much. Basically, it’s almost the same as an optimist who does his/her best so that he/she doesn’t regret it later. It’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? When pessimists try not to get depressed, they end up looking depressed. Actually, that’s on of the reason why I became pessimistic.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, pessimists are not bad, they just have different views and ways of handling things, unlike optimists. To put it more bluntly, being pessimistic is a way of a coward, while being optimistic is a way of o fool. I’m supporting for fellow pessimists. For optimists, please be nice to them, because they’re not entirely different from you.


Play The Game, But Don’t Follow The Rule


“Life is just a messed up game” is what I found in a certain anime I watched (which is up there), called ‘No Game No Life’. Honestly, I quite agree with that. Have you ever felt that life isn’t going the way we want to. For example, a simple thought like “okay, my homework is finished. Tomorrow I’ll be free.” may not happen in reality. Even after you make a plan so that tomorrow you’ll be free, a certain coincidence may happen. Well, in games, things like that happen naturally. Why? Because that’s the rule. We can’t easily change the rule on our own. All has been planned by the game itself. Even when we are right, if the game says it’s wrong, then it’s wrong. It’s the rule that has been decided since we start the game. As simple as that. So, does it mean that our life has been decided since we were born? Form what I’ve been telling you, you may think that I’ll say yes. But I won’t. I will definitely disagree.

“What the hell are you saying? You just contradicted yourself.” is maybe what you’re thinking right now. Well, because of my personalities, people usually say that to me. So it’s fine. The reason why I said no was because it’s life. It’s not a mere game. Having the same concept doesn’t mean they’re the same. That’s also why I said I only quite agree. For instance, do you agree that a bus is a car? If you do, then you also agree that a car is a bus. Bus and car have four wheels each. They are driven by drivers. They transport humans. They use engine. They are all vehicle. They are similar but they are not the same. Bus is big while car is smaller. Bus is a public transportation while car is a private transportation. Life is not a game for the same reason.

There are a lot of differences between life and game, but the most distinctive one is the rule. Life can not be repeated. You can play a game anytime you want, but you can only live a life once. Once you die, you can’t restart. Unlike a game, you can’t reset a life. You can cheat all you like in a game, but not in your life. So that’s why I quite agreed that life is a messed up game. But, there is no game that cannot be defeated.

When I said that you can’t cheat all you like in life, I didn’t that you can’t cheat at all. It’s just the consequences are worse. Even if you can’t change the rule of life, you can easily ask help from the Creator. Whether you’re an amateur or an expert, you’ll definitely get a handicap, for example, luck. In life, you have infinite choices. Most of all, you are free to choose your aim in life. Just like in game, you can make a ‘party’ to become stronger. Just remember, you cannot change the rule, but you can add your own rule.

How to Make Water Effect on PhotoShop

On this occasion I will tell you how to make paper with water effects / text effects dew clinging to the leaves – leaves using Photoshop. How to make it very easy, let us consider the following tutorial…

Here are the steps – steps:
1. Open your photoshop
2. Open the leaf image as below by way of Ctrl + O / (File – Open) -Find leaves image- click open


3. In addition to a row of the toolbar, select the Horizontal Type Tool and make your writing (you can adjust the Font and Size)


4. In the layer that contains your writing earlier, reduce the fill into 0%


5. In the layer that contains your writing earlier (ex: layer sample), right-click on the text, and select Blending Options. Click on the option “Drop Shadow” and make settings (Opacity: 75, Distance: 5, Size: 5)


6. Then, still in the Blending Options, choose the option “Bevel and Emboss”, make arrangements (Depth: 40, Size: 2), and then click OK


The results of this text is as follows


Images from http://brigittajanice.blogspot.com/2015/01/tutorial-photoshop.html?m=1


It’s my first blog, so I’m sorry if somehow it doesn’t make sense. Actually, it’s an assignment given by my teacher. He said that we had to make a blog. Unfortunately, the first post I have to publish is “My First Day in My School”. Even though I’m still a nineth grader, it’s still embarasing to publish your past. Well, whatever. But because this blog is supposed to be about my thougts, I just have to improvise. For that, I choose my first day in my junior high school, because I think it’s the most interesting.

I live in Indonesia, -in case you didn’t know- in a city called Bogor. Before my first day in Regina Pacis Bogor Junior High School began, I had a great expectation. I wished tomorrow I had an interesting day. As you all know, not everything goes the way we wanted. Well, that’s correct. Why? Because it’s fate. Even if people say “the decision you made decides the future”, what about other people’s decisions? The thing is, whether it goes the way you wanted or not, I think it’s for your luck to decide. That’s why, don’t think so much about what you will do.

Anyway, on the first day in my junior high school, the expectation I had was granted in the way I didn’t expected. In the morning, I had a normal first-day. I met new faces, made new friends, knew new teacher. It’s normal, but not interesting, until I realized something. The pants I used had a hole on it, more precisely on around my butt. I knew it because my bestfriend -who was luckily in the same class as me-told me. Fortunately, the hole wasn’ really big, but it still made me conscious about what I would do. I didn’t even want to stand up, unless I must. So I sit almost the whole time. Maybe that was what we call bad luck. It wasn’t my first bad-day, but it was certainly one of the worst day in my life. Why? Because at that time, I had a girlfriend. -I’m sorry for those who’s single- It’s not that bad to have a quite embarrassing first impression, -but of course I still felt bad- but you wouldn’t possibly want to shame your girlfriend. Let’s just make a logical theory what if you were me: 1) If you made a bad first impression, you would probably only have an awkward atmosphere. Why? Because you only have a hole on your pants. 2) If your girlfriend were ashamed because of you, what would you feel? Of course you will feel guilty. Actually, I have watched a TV program that said that we could make our own luck. But, if I think about it, how lucky you are is also your fate. It really is confusing.

Still, moving on, I made it through that horrible day without being found out by anyone else beside my bestfriend. So, my reputation wasn’t tampered so much, because my bestfriend help me all the way. For how I did that, I will leave it to your imagination. I just think that maybe ‘fate’ was going easy on me.

Honestly, I’m not very troubled by telling you that embarrasing story. You know why? Because on that day, I got a lesson. If don’t want to get hurt, don’t expect too much. But, if don’t expect anything, how can you be satisfied? Just don’t believe on fate or whatever that is. Make your own choice, because it’s your life. I advise you to rely on your surroundings and count on your luck, but don’t trust them too much. Just like me making choice to ask my bestfriend to help me, if you believe in your decision, eventually you will found your way out.

Thanks for reading my post ;p